Cape Deception

Eugene Nordstrom’s fourth novel, Cape Deception, is the captivating tale of Amy Fontaine, heiress to a lumber fortune, who could never have imagined the mortal danger that awaits her. 

Take a walk with her along a desolate beach on the Oregon coast. The pounding surf sounds ominous today. But, there’s no need for alarm. Don’t be afraid—yet. You and Amy will be beside each other all the way until you both disappear into the shroud of chilling fog that covers a dark and winding trail of suspense and terror. 

A psychopathic stalker seems to know her every move. The frightening incidents that begin to happen at Pelican Rest, Amy’s vacation home, become increasingly violent.
And, most terrifying of all, if, by chance, you think you have seen through the cleaver illusions, outsmarted wickedness, you have been tricked. You and Amy have been lured into your worst nightmare. You have fallen victim to the most devious of human traits: Deception.

Amy’s mounting fears force her to make a decision. Will she stop being a victim and go on the offensive? A surprising climax awaits the reader.

Here's a sneak peak at CAPE DECEPTION

This time Buddy’s bark sounded more urgent.

Turning around to chastise him, Amy caught the fleeting image of something outside the window. Although visible for only a second before it vanished, this was no tree limb. Could it have been an animal? Deer, even elk, were known to occasionally wander through the property.

After carefully looking out the window, she turned to Buddy. “We don’t have to worry about this. It’s probably some animal walking through our yard. He most likely decided to see what we’re doing. Why don’t you just settle down?”

But Buddy didn’t settle down and seeing his continued agitation made it increasingly difficult for Amy to suppress her growing anxiety. Deciding that it wouldn’t hurt any, she got up and checked all the doors and windows to make sure they were locked. Then after turning on the outside lights, she returned to the back window and looked out over the yard. Nothing was there that she hadn’t seen a thousand times before. Nothing to be alarmed about.

But a pounding heart would not let her ignore something malevolent enough to call up old childhood fears of the bogeyman. Shaking her head, she thought, Nonsense! Utter nonsense. Irrational delusions, anxiety fed by Buddy’s strange antics, it all added up to an imagination gone wild. Giving Buddy a look of exasperation she said, “How can I get so worked up? Buddy, it’s all your fault. You shouldn’t be so high strung.” However, all those disturbing thoughts refused to go away. Now Amy felt a sickening sensation descend over her. The words seemed to come from some corner of her mind that exists to manufacture terror. You are being watched!


Old money is the target of a calculating stalker in this engrossing thriller.

The target in this mystery by Nordstrom (Reflections in Gold, 2009, etc.) is Amy Granville Fontaine, the heir to a Northwest lumber fortune. At the novel’s start, divorcée Amy is gaining a sterling reputation as a painter of seascapes in the greater Portland, Oregon, area. She soon meets art critic Harold Gorman, a widower whose wife died under mysterious circumstances. The two are soon discussing the nature of Amy’s work: “It’s a somber observation, but I wonder what direction your work might have taken had you not become so familiar with the tension between darkness and light,” says Hal. They quickly become close, to the dismay of Amy’s daughter, Monique; Monique’s boyfriend, Ralph; and Amy’s friend Diane Demaris, a gallery owner. All are concerned with Harold’s intentions toward the heiress. As Diane tells her, “You are a very eligible, and extremely desirable divorcée. For some men, there’s never ‘enough money.’ Think about it.” Shortly after the pair announces their engagement, strange things start to happen at Pelican Rest, Amy’s vacation home in coastal Oregon. At first, it’s a strange man’s face in her front window, but the incidents become increasingly violent, unsettling Amy. Since the stalker seems to know her every move, every male around her is a suspect. Amy eventually stops being a victim and goes on the offensive, leading to a terrifying climax. Nordstrom does an admirable job limning Amy’s rarified world and creates believably flawed characters. He slowly intensifies the suspense, so readers can well understand Amy’s mounting fear (it’s not paranoia if people are out to get you). One drawback is that the stalker’s identity becomes evident early, but while the reader may have a good idea what’s going on, none of the characters ever do until it’s too late. An element of doubt lingers right through to the end of this captivating thriller.

A top-notch mystery with ever escalating suspense and a satisfying payoff.

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