The Road To Glory Land

If they built a freeway straight to heaven, surely there are those who would still prefer slower routes. After all, some people are in no hurry to meet their Maker. That’s definitely the case with Brother Charlie Savoy. No matter that he’s a con man. Brother Charlie has charisma, and he can mesmerize crowds like a snake charmer. On the revival circuit, he knows how to make trusting souls part with the last dollar in their wallets—and that’s exactly what he aims to do.
Fortunately, there are a few who make this same journey with loftier goals. Like the saints in stained glass windows, God’s pure light streams through them. Sister Grace Warren is just such a person. She’s in no hurry to meet her Maker because He handed her a job to do. To that end, she has been given two gifts: she sings hymns like an angel and, since childhood, her touch has healed.
The dynamic couple is unbeatable—their smoldering sexual tension inescapable. Inevitably, they both succumb to the tidal forces that irresistibly ebb and flow between them—forces that change their lives forever.

Here's a sneak peak at THE ROAD TO GLORY LAND

Moving menacingly closer, he screamed out, “You’re a fake! You aren’t God’s servant at all; but I know who you really are. You’re the daughter of Satan! You are evil masquerading as good. But, God just told me to put an end to your evil.” Turning to the stunned crowd, he yelled, “An eye for an eye!”
It all happened so fast that no one even saw the small, chrome-plated revolver in Guthrie Baxter’s left hand. Like a coiled diamondback’s ominous rattle, the flash of its cold shiny steel suddenly warned of mortal danger. However, unlike the rattlesnake, Baxter struck without giving Grace any chance to back away. Screaming obscenities, he turned on her and pointed the gun.


Dr. Elizabeth Yahn Williams, poet-playwright (San Luis Rey, CA)
“Devilishly delightful! . . . This novel transports the reader along cliffs of adventurous twists and turns. Eugene Nordstrom surprises us with a stunning second novel!”

C. Keisala (Vancouver, WA)
“I was thoroughly entertained by The Honeymoon Car, and The Road To Glory Land is even better. I can’t wait for the next book by this very descriptive writer who makes one feel as though we are living the story with the characters, and not just reading about them. Kudos to the author, Eugene Nordstrom!”

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