Reflections In Gold

Winner of the Rising Star and Editor's Choice Awards

Bob Elliott, investigative reporter for The Lake County Herald, is on a dangerous mission. Trying to expose the sinister connection between Reflection Lake’s land developers and the corrupt county political machine could have lethal results.
One close call too many gets him temporarily assigned to a backwoods weekly located where supposedly nothing ever happens. How could Bob ever imagine that his adventures in the rugged Yukon wilderness would give him the strength and resources he will need to face the biggest challenge of his life?
When he returns to Lake County, promising to rid it of unscrupulous profiteers, the bitter war between environmentalists and developers turns ugly.
Will an honest man, brought to his knees by murder and blackmail, survive? In his darkest hour, it will take something even more precious than new found wealth and power to win the day. For Bob, it is a reflection in gold.

Here's a sneak peak at REFLECTIONS IN GOLD

Sitting on the edge of the old boat dock, Bob dangled his bare feet in the cool water. As he watched two dragonflies flitting over a lily pad he tried to sort out the unsettling feelings of a man who longed for something beyond wealth and power. Tomorrow he would go to Olympia to make a dream come true. Why, then, had this gnawing feeling of emptiness overtaken such a full life?
He tried to sort it out. His friends on North Main were feeling the emptiness of material loss. He understood that and empathized with them. But his emptiness had welled up from an existential void. And, unlike the lake’s vibrant wilderness, this very private abyss of his had always been a dark place that yearned for sunlight.
Head bowed, deep in thought, Bob did not hear the soft footsteps behind him. But, in the looking glass water beneath him, an image of long-lost dreams suddenly appeared. Expressive blue eyes, a beckoning smile, flowing blond locks—an ethereal watercolor portrait shimmering amidst water irises and cattail reeds—reflections in gold.


Burt Parrish, Editor, The Lake County Herald
“Bob isn’t a perfect man. He has his human frailties just like all the rest of us. But, no one else around here could ever fill his shoes.”

Stacey Winthrop, the love of Bob’s life
“Bob Elliott is an optimist. I think optimists have an advantage over dreamers. With all that confidence in success, they seem to actually make things happen.”

Tony Avalon, President, Cascade Paradise Land Development
“He’s the worst kind of obstructionist. If we’re ever going to move Lake County into the present century, Bob Elliott needs to be run out of town!”

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