The Honeymoon Car

THE HONEYMOON CAR is a love story about two couples—decades apart—who are drawn together in an extraordinary way. Out of the mists of time, a pristine 1940 Packard Super 8 pulls up to the main entrance of a fashionable lakeside resort. How could curious onlookers know its young passengers have come from a wedding that occurred fifty-three years earlier? From their own tragic experiences with loss, Larry and Molly Hill have learned how love can heal. Now, possessing a revelation powerful enough to even survive death, they have returned with a message that can change troubled lives forever.

Here's a sneak peak at THE HONEYMOON CAR

Sitting behind the steering wheel, she tried to reconstruct what had just happened. “I remember I was fighting drowsiness. I must have dozed off—and then there was that voice.” Had she unconsciously warned herself of imminent danger? After pondering that possibility, she concluded, “It would have been impossible because I didn’t know about the cliff.” She concentrated on the voice itself, “A man’s voice, no doubt about that.” Then, an incredible question crossed her mind: “Could it possibly have been . . .?” A light-headed feeling caused her mind to drift away from such an incomprehensible thought; but the question remained. What did happen that night on the way to Seattle?


Patty Elkins (Lake Oswego, OR)
“This book is very hard to put down. I read it in one sitting. It is very well written and every word counts, capturing you from the very first sentence. The magic of this book is the beauty of the story.”

Louise S. Jones (Newport Beach, CA)
“I wish every book I read was as entertaining and thought-provoking as The Honeymoon Car. A tender story that exposes the raw emotions of interesting and likeable characters. I found myself stealing away to read at every opportunity. Even now, after finishing the book, I am still thinking about it.”

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